Packaged Solution Services
Our team has been at the forefront of both front-office CRM and BI solutions as well as back-office ERP projects for almost a decade. Our Enterprise Packaged Solutions Group, comprised of resources from around the globe, is recognized as the top talent in the industry.
Enterprise Management Consulting Services
TWO ITSs Management Consulting Services brings cutting-edge management thinking and operation experience of overseas multinational companies to our clients. We have management consulting experience in many industries, and are familiar with the trends of international enterprise strategy development.

Our services include Enterprise Strategic Management Consulting, Business Process Re-engineering and IT Strategy Planning and Auditing Consulting.
Global Services Offering (GSO)
TWO ITS prides itself on providing the highest quality solutions in the areas of CRM, ERP, BI, Integration, and Web Services leveraging our Global Services Offering (GSO). TWO ITSs GSO combines the best of onsite and offsite expertise to provide clients:

  • Onsite, local team of principal level and higher consultants focused on PMO, technical design, project management, integration, configuration, and Analytics
  • Offsite team at our Europe and Asia offices to provide additional project management and principal level development.
  • Larger, scalable team of senior IT professionals located at our China regional development center, focused on
  • Oracle development, application testing, training, maintenance, enhancements, and upgrades.


Application Development and Management
Custom Application Management
TWO ITS’s ADM Services allows companies to focus their development on new systems or products while outsourcing the maintenance and support of their existing applications.
Outsourcing legacy maintenance to a trusted partner allows enterprises to focus on core development and new technologies, while its mission-critical business systems continue to operate without interruption. Maintenance work may prevent the development team from focusing on high value-added activities such as analysis, design, and implementation of new systems. TWO ITS becomes an integral part of your team by providing the maintenance and management of new or existing applications. In addition to providing helpdesk and functional support, our Business Analysts and Subject Matter Experts can work closely with end users to find the vital improvements necessary for you to obtain the most from your IT systems. Our application management services Include:

  • Helpdesk and functional support
  • Technical support and enhancements
  • Database management including ETL, data cleansing/migration, & BI/Data warehouse related tasks

Custom Application Development
TWO ITS provides application development services using the most common platforms including:

  • Java/J2EE platforms
  • Microsoft enterprise platforms (.NET, COM)
  • C/C++
  • Linux
  • Delphi

During the development, CMMI model and Agile model like XP and SCRUM will be correctly leveraged and integrated according to the business nature and customer requirement for the best balance of the quality certainty, service repeatability, optimization sustainability, change agility, sufficient maintainability, cost and time efficiency.

Software Localization
The process of adapting software for use in another country or locale - is about more than just translation from one language into another. A complete localization solution addresses the usability and functionality requirements of the target market, as well as regulatory compliance and relevant cultural issues. TWO ITS is experienced in designing product/customer specific localization strategies, managing complex localization processes, and testing localized products to ensure that they meet performance standards of target markets. TWO ITS's localization services allow software vendors to better market their products globally while decreasing their time to market at considerable cost savings. TWO ITS's software localization services includes:

  • Software products localization
  • Application Localization
  • User interface translation, resizing and testing
  • Localization engineering
  • Localized software compiling, building and testing, online help translation, compiling and testing
  • DBCS enabling
  • Localization consulting
  • Technical content creation

Quality Assurance Services
Quality Assurance is the process of verifying that the functions of a software product are working as designed. Application testing is the most important step in ensuring that your product is working as a user expects. This type of testing can be executed by manual testing or script-based automation testing.
Today releasing software applications continues to consume more and more resources for companies. A key element of the software release process is testing. Performing a complete functional test requires the right people, the right equipment and plenty of time. There are many issues facing companies today regarding Application Testing of custom or packaged applications ranging from:

  • Unclear or not well defined processes
  • Lack of collaboration as different groups use different testing tools and methodologies resulting in incomplete testing of all processes and difficulty in integration
  • No clear KPIs and testing measurements
  • Inconsistent execution of testing plans

TWO ITS can provide the scalable pool of qualified resources to make a project a successful. Our testing professionals are experienced in developing and executing test cases that ensure complete product coverage. Our deep engineering and test skills help clients achieve products releases on time and on budget with the quality expected by users.



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